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3 Ways To Enhance Cardio For Maximum Weight Loss

3 Ways To Enhance Cardio For Maximum Weight Loss

Picture for a moment what it would be like if you weren’t overweight. Imagine how you’d feel if you looked in the mirror this morning and realized that you’ve sculpted the body of your dreams, but hadn’t realized it because you were too busy doing what it takes to melt those pounds off.

Just picture how joyous life would be without being the butt of all those fat jokes.

The good news is that dreaming about getting rid of extra body fat isn’t just a fantasy – it CAN happen.

And all you have to do to lose your weight is to apply these three simple ways to that I’m about to share to your cardio training!

Read on to discover 3 Ways To Enhance Cardio For Maximum Weight Loss…

Way 1: Add Resistance Training To Your Workouts

The reason that you want to add resistance training to your workouts is because muscle burns fat.

The more lean muscle you have, the more body fat you’ll burn…

It really is that simple.

The reason muscle burns more fat is simply because they need more calories to function, even while at rest.

If you’re a woman, you can build a nice sculpted lean body with resistance training and not end up looking like a man.

If you’re a guy, you may want to build huge muscles, which is your personal choice.

But the bottom line is the more lean muscle you develop through resistance training, the faster you’ll be able to melt those extra fat pounds off versus dieting alone.

By combining cardio exercises with resistance training, you will turn your body into a fat-burning machine…

Way 2: Use Cardio Equipment

Using cardio equipment would make exercising more fun and at the same time burn calories faster.

There are different kinds of equipment that could be used for different aerobic exercises, but here are my top four…

Step Bench

This is the most common equipment. The height of the step depends on the leg movements that would be used. Of course, the height would depend on the experience and expertise of the person using it.

Usually, a beginner would start with a 4-inch step. As the person becomes more experienced, the height would increase to build more endurance and flexibility. One thing great about aerobic steps is that it is portable enough to be carried anywhere.

When buying a step bench, a bench with a non-slip surface will be a good idea since it would be safer. Just keep in mind that a higher step bench would mean a more intense workout.

Stationary Bicycle

Unlike ordinary bicycles, they remain in one place. To measure the progress of the bike, an ergometer is installed. There are even stationary bikes which have computers that contain the exercise data and sessions.

These bikes have different features which influence the costs of the equipment. There are different kinds of stationary bikes; buying one does not mean you would have to pick the most sophisticated and expensive model. The needs of the user come first.


Treadmills can be expensive. There are manual and motorized treadmills which can be bought from different fitness centers. There are different features included in a treadmill like the pulse monitor, bottle holder, and book rack.

There are even sophisticated models which would allow you to use video and audio players to kill boredom while doing the exercises. When buying a treadmill, the size is the most important factor. Check if it would be able to fit into your exercise or living room area.

Hand weights

Lifting weights is another component of cardio exercises. When seriously trying to build muscles, then start by getting 3 lbs. and 5 lbs. weights. When using hand weights, users are recommended to use aerobic gloves to grip better. Water aerobics also have customized weights which can be used in aquatic exercises.

Whenever performing aerobic exercises, using the proper gear is important, the right clothes and shoes. Make sure that the clothes will allow the body to move easily, the shoes should be comfortable enough and keep you balanced.

Aside from paying attention to wearing the proper working-out clothes, asking your doctor or health-care provider about any kind of recommendation with what kind of fitness equipment and program would be suitable for your needs is important.

If buying fitness equipment is out of the option, then you could always sign-up for a membership in fitness centers, as long as they offer the equipment you would prefer to use or safe for you to use.

Way 3: Perform Your Cardio Exercises Before Resistance Training

In my opinion, you should perform your cardio exercises before resistance training, because this will get your blood flowing all throughout your body, which provides a nice warm-up.

Warming up your body by getting your blood to circulate reduces injuries and allows you to safely perform stretching before you jump into your resistance training.

I’m a firm believer in warming up first before stretching and performing resistance training. The analogy I use is as follows; what would happen to a piece of taffy candy if you removed it from a freezer and tried to stretch it?

Of course, it would break; well that’s how I picture stretching cold muscles that haven’t been warmed up.

Another benefit to performing your cardio before resistance training is you will not have to lift as heavy of weights to get the same fat-burning muscle toning effects.

Your body will be in a fat-burning zone and by the time you complete your resistance training, your metabolism will be through the roof.

You just learned 3 Ways To Enhance Cardio For Maximum Weight Loss. And that means you can now apply them to your daily workout routine and begin dropping your extra pounds starting today!

Blast, Blast, Blast!

I’ve been involved in the health, fitness, and wellness industry since around 1987. I remember when I was a young skinny kid with dreams of becoming muscular. Fitness has always been a passion of mine. For decades now, people have always turned to me for advice, so I’m making it my mission to help them achieve their physical goals by providing information based upon scientific principles that actually work!

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